Hear From Our Customers:

There should be a 6 stars option to rate Pickering Auto Lab. These guys are awesome! And it’s not just about how professional and knowledgeable they are or the excellent quality of their work: It’s also about the way they deal with their clients. A few days ago I brought my car for a repair and when I came to pick it up, I found my car washed and clean! That’s what I call a nice treatment to their clients. My entire family have their cars serviced there and share the same opinion.

Regardless of what car you have, fancy or not, don’t look any further if you are looking for a shop you can really trust. The true dealer alternative that’s actually better than the dealer for less money! Go there and talk with Nick or Saif and you’ll see what I’m saying by yourself. Highly recommend.

Andre C.From Google

very impressed with service that Pickering auto lab provides. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. The mechanic was quit at fixing the problem i had with my car. The front desk gentleman was very polite and kind and tried his best to get me the best deal out there on parts. labor costs were pretty average id say .
over all GREAT experience and would recommend the Pickering auto lab to my any one having car problems.
Thanks again !

Ashley L.From Facebook

I been having problems with my tires since I got my truck last summer from a Dodge dealer. Funny tire wear and truck kept pulling on the highway, the dealer told me it was due to the aftermarket rims and mud tires on my truck. I bought new tires and paid for a alignment only to get my truck back with the same problem. Their solution to buy 4 new dodge rims which would cost almost $3000. I was pretty mad.

A friend told me to go see these guys and get a second opinion. Glad I did! I walked in and spoke to Nick and told him my story. He got a mechanic to go on a test drive with me. He brought in my truck and found that one of my ball joints were bad and needed to be replaced. He also recommended that I get my tires balanced and do another alignment. I crossed my fingers and gave nick the green light. I didn’t want to wait around and they gave me a lift home.

I got a call a few hours later that my truck was fixed and they picked me up from my home. The same mechanic went on a drive with me and to my surprise I got on the 401 and the truck was driving stright and I didn’t have a wobble from the steering wheel. Nick gave me a printout of the before and after of the alignment and turns out it wasn’t done properly before,  and the tires were not balanced properly. I am glad my problem has been resolved, I can finally enjoy my truck.

For a guy that only likes to go to the dealership I am glad my friend recommend me to this place. The staff here was a pleasure to deal with and the price was fair. The shop looks really nice and bright. They even washed my car which shows me their attention to detail. They took me in right away and showed me the problem. Great job guys and I will be coming back!!!

Mike T.From Yelp

Just had my 2011 Ford Fiesta SES tuned-up as it just hit 100k and I definitely will be returning as a customer. The moment you walk in the professionalism and attention to detail is obvious. It’s not the cheapest but far from the most expensive shop as well, and often times you will not get this level of quality service from more expensive shops! I also like how their mechanics are working right in the open for you to see, very transparent. Great shop!

Omar C.From Yellow Pages

Personally I think the biggest problem with mechanic shops nowadays is being able to find one you TRUST. That doesn’t just mean good prices but good quality workmanship. At Pickering Auto Lab that’s exactly what you will find! I would never put my car/life in the hands of anyone else then the mechanics at Pickering Auto Lab. Thanks guys !

Sky H.From Google

These guys are awesome. They exactly know what they doing with the cars. You can rely on them as blind man to they will make sure you can open your eye.

My car was restored and priced reasonably and I am so happy to get mechanic who can understand the customers very well.

They deserve 5 star-rating

PradeepBhushan C.From Facebook

Went there for my BMW. That damn yellow ‘Check Engine’ light came on. They cleared the fault and told me to come back if there were any further issues. Such honesty ! Also relieved that they did not upfront charge me $$$$ for a repair. Hopefully this was just some isolated incident and not a real issue. I will definitely go back.

John S.From Google

Got the front brake pads & rotors replaced on my 2015 Ford Fiesta. I also got the rear brakes serviced.

I was on a tight schedule but Saif & Nick made it a great experience.

I’ll be back!

TrancikFrom Google

Great people, great service, and fair prices. This is the kind of place you want to bring your car if you’re fed up with huge dealer repair/ maintenance costs. Great place to get your winter tires too!

Kheneil B.From Facebook

Big shout out to Saif at Pickering Auto lab who saved Mat and I both time and money with an extremely unreasonable tow truck driver! These guys are the best in the business and we continue to be happy, loyal customers!

Thanks Pickering Auto Lab!!! Five stars all the way!

Alyssa M.From Facebook

When I tried Pickering Auto Lab I felt like I was cheating on my mechanic that I’ve been using for the past 15 years.  We have all experienced the feeling of being taken advantage of and I can say that not once have I felt that way in my 4 or so dealings with PAL. They have been straight forward and “this last time” sympathetic to the “bad luck” I’ve had with my BMW. Although it’s a BMW and it’s to be expected…but that’s a different review.

I thought Saif and Nick treated me special with their stellar service. However while waiting in their clean and bright waiting room I’ve witnessed that they treat all their clients that way. It’s normal for them … not special. Their team is just as willing to help and provide the information needed to feel comfortable with the diagnosis and are passionate about they do.

I would highly recommend Pickering Auto Lab and will continue to use them.

Darren F.From Yelp

The wife: If your looking for a trustworthy mechanic shop I suggest trying this place out. They have a very knowledgeable group of young technicians. As a woman going into a mechanic shop I didn’t feel as though I was getting ripped off. The staff goes out of their way to provide a decent customer service experience for you. For example they provide a complementary rental car if your car needs to stay over  night which I think is awesome, there is nothing worse than having no car, being stressed about repairs and being stranded at a mechanics shop for hours. Overall I would definitely recommend this shop.

Gerald N.From Yelp

A nice big and clean shop. Excellent staff who are very knowledgeable. I went there for an oil change and was very satisfied. Will definitely come back to service my e350.

Saad A.From Google

I honestly can’t say anything bad about these guys! I have been a few times to them for odd work, but nothing as big as the recent issue I had with heating in my car. These guys have gone over and above the call of duty, to help me with there incredible service. Even though we not a 100 percent resolved, with this heating issue, they continue to work with me to get this resolved once and for all. I had some mechanical stuff done as well on my Gti and it feels like it just came off the showroom floor, never being driven. I want to extend a huge thank you to Saif, Nick and Matt, who have worked tirelessly to get my car up and running. I do appreciate it all guys, so thank you! I am definitely going to be a repeat customer and if anyone else is thinking of doing business, with pickering auto lab. You have made a good choice!

Dean W.From Facebook

Went to this place today and I have to say I was impressed by the service and the way the shop and waiting area is so nice and clean.
You can seat in the waiting area and watch them working on your car,..perfect.
Have to say thanks to Matt for getting the job done well and fast,after we got talking for a bit and Matt even give some advice with some stuff I’m buying next for my car,great guy.
I’ll be coming back for sure.

Ricky C.From Facebook

Great customer service.
Honest pricing and the family stands by their work.
I was greeted to a smile and a handshake upon entry.  A rare combination of professional cander and technical prowess in the field made the experience ideal.  If you are looking for a shop that is from this Era and is more progressive / forward thinking,  then this place is for you.  I strongly endorse this company.

Mohan S.From Yelp